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About Us

Welcome to Clinical Cosmedics!!


We welcome you to a luxury cosmetic medicine clinic located in the heart of Stonyfell, just 11 mins from Adelaide's CBD. 

We are lucky enough to be right amongst nature and often have koalas and kookaburras in our front trees.  


Here at Clinical Cosmedics, we have some essential differences to make us stand out from the rest; 


Here are 12 reasons why you should choose and trust us;

  1. We are all fully trained Nurses or medical professionals in the cosmetic clinic; we have a current AHPRA registration and all the essential criteria to go with it, such as certifications in; Infection control, CPR, Advanced First aid, and Advanced Cosmetic medical protocols. 

  2. Our cosmetic nurses are actually cosmetic nurses! (not just trained on the job) Holding advanced certifications in the field of cosmetic treatments. We have both the knowledge and power of our cosmetic courses and on-the-job training to ensure the highest of skillsets. 

  3. Our nurses commit to a minimum of one night a week of ongoing education; this ensures we are always up to date with our skill sets, emergency procedures and the latest trends and technology available. 

  4. Our Nurses are a mixture of both EN's and RN's, both working within their scope of practice at all times. We liaise with our doctors, nurse practitioners and superior nurses. 

  5. Patient & Staff Safety is our number one priority. 

  6. We have the highest stature of patient care, offering an after-hours direct contact number to one of our nurses. 

  7. We offer a range of cosmetic treatments, including Anti Wrinkle injections and dermal filler including, lip filler, cheek filler, chin filler and more. Dermal treatments (Medical Grade Skin Treatments), PDO Threads / PDO Thread Lifts, Vitamin Infusions and more

  8. We can ensure and guarantee that when booking a treatment, your selected nurse is highly trained and specialises in that service area. 

  9. Our prices are highly competitive. Our consultations are thorough, and your nurse will be completely honest with the treatment outcomes. They will not upsell you anything we don't think you need. Our Company is dedicated to ethical practice; we will always give you 100% focus and 100% effort when giving treatment, and our post-care is second to none.

  10. Our Booking System is so easy! You can book online 24/7 using our website from your phone or desktop.

  11. Easy Parking ... Speaks for itself.

  12. Last but not least, we LOVE what we do and treat our patients like family. This isn't just a "Job" for us. We have all committed and dedicated ourselves to the cosmetic industry. 


Like all of us, when we either start our cosmetic treatment journey or when in need of finding a new cosmetic clinic / cosmetic injector, we have 1000 questions along with fears. Have you ever feared your treatment or currently have fears of getting cosmetic treatments because you're worried about the outcome?

"Will my face be frozen?", "Will my Lips be like sausages?", "I don't want people to notice I've had cosmetic work done!".


Clinical Cosmedics is 100% dedicated to enhancing your face or body to a level that makes you feel confident, happy and looks refreshed. 

We won't use the term "Natural Look Injector" as sometimes we have to fight genetics, and we all want to see improvements, but we will make you a promise, and that is we can assure you;

  • You won't look funny

  • You won't Have lips that are too big and look like mini hotdogs 

  • You won't be completely frozen, faced with no movement anywhere.

  • Our work is of the highest standard, and it's our aim and primary mission to enhance your natural beauty.

We will even go as far as saying;

If you want to have lips that are 4x the size, If you want to look frozen-faced, If you want your cheeks to look fake, or just like the "fake" look in general.



Our company ethos and our personal morals and ethics as nurses are pure. 

As promised, our ethics as a company and our standard of practice ensure you will be safe, feel safe, look great and feel great, and to us, that means assessing you for the right treatment and listening to what your desired outcomes are. 


Where to from here? Book yourself a consultation and come and see for yourself. 


We thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about us and sincerely look forward to meeting and servicing you in the future. 

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